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Even if the launch of the iPad triggered a torrent of e-book torrenting, so what? That’s only ‘cause it catalyzed latent demand. Blaming the iPad for this is like blaming J.K. Rowling for a spike in book shoplifting.

The game was already changed with Kindle. Is the iPad a paradigm shift or merely an accelerator?  I suspect the latter, but it’s too early to say for sure.  One thing is certain:  the tremendous changes the publishing industry has seen in the last decade are mouse nuts compared to what’s ahead.  Just as disintermediation in the music industry has been great for individual artists working under the mega-hit radar who are willing to take on the tasks of  building and maintaining their audience, the same will continue to be true for individual authors.  We’ve just had our distribution channel blown wide open.

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A Crack In Eveything will be coming out some time this year from Apodis Publishing. These days, even at the larger houses but especially at the smaller ones, authors have to aggressively take control over marketing, which means a lot of pre-lauch details.

On my stack:

  • Get ARCs to PW, Kirkus, and any place else I have contacts or want a shot at traction, which means getting galleys done at Lulu three months ahead of launch.
  • Look around for book cover ideas. Talk to some folks. Like Orchid Spangiafora.
  • Set up a little local book tour.
  • Get various social media fired up.
  • Wake up the marketing shock troops from the Burn Rate launch
  • Set up a book web page
  • Concurrently amp up marketing for Burn Rate and Kindle-ise Binding Energy

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