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I’m reading new work at 10:30 AM, running a workshop at 1:30 PM and generally shmoozing about the rest of the weekend.


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Clarion West Writers Workshop is a nonprofit literary organization based in Seattle, Washington, with a mission to improve speculative fiction by providing high quality education to writers at the start of their careers. As an extension of its primary mission, Clarion West also makes speculative fiction available to the public by presenting readings and other events that bring writers and readers together.

Every year, hundreds of writers commit to a summer tradition: to spend six weeks working on their writing goals while supporting Clarion West.  I will be writing a short story a week for the 6-week duration of the workshop — the same goal that each workshop participant must achieve.

Clarion West made a tremendous difference in my life when I attended over 20 years ago.  Please help me give something back by sponsoring my participation in the 2014 Write-a-Thon.  Go to my Write-a-Thon profile page and click “Sponsor Daniel Marcus.”

All sponsors of my 2014 Write-a-Thon goals will receive a digital copy of my short story collection, Binding Energy, described by Salon.com as “a cross between Raymond Carver and William Gibson.”

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First published in Asimov’s, July 1996.  Hey, it’s old enough to vote!

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Boss cover

12 hours of unabridged fun. Wells’ Martian invasion as witnessed by various luminaries of the time, told by the likes of Connie Willis, Robert Silverberg, Walter Jon Williams, and yours truly in “Blue Period:” a young Picasso watches the tripods lay waste to Paris and works on his portfolio.

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Here’s the syllabus:

Session Topic
#1 Introduction and Recap
A brief introduction to SFF 2, and a recapitulation of the elements of fiction discussed in SF1
#2 Suspension of DisbeliefIn which we discuss how to persuade your gentle readers to enter the fictive dream.
#3 The Story QuestionIn which we discuss this very important question that defines the heart of your story.
#4 Conflict
A great followup to the story question.  Conflict is the prevention of fulfillment and is the gasoline for your story’s engine.
#5 Narrative, Dialog, Action
In which we delve into using narrative, dialog, and action scenes to advance the story
#6 Exposition and Theory
In which we discuss paradigms for various forms of speculative fiction, and then get sane again with a discussion of exposition and how to introduce it into a story
#7 Story Logic
It’s one damn thing after another.
#8 Advanced Worldbuilding
More worldbuilding …
#9 Details
Sweating the small stuff
#10 Revision
This topic subject to change without notice

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Gotta say, Fowler and Griffith are head and shoulders above a very strong field.  Both remarkable books, utterly different.  If either of them wins, we all do.

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Friday, 4:30-5:45 PM, Contra Costa Ballroom:  Reading

Saturday, 3:00-4:15 PM, Sacramento:  Panel, Why Aren’t My Stories Selling?

Saturday, 4:30-5:45 PM, Salon A/B: Panel, Just because she’s a manic pixie in black leather, doesn’t stop her being The Angel in the House

Sunday, 1:30 – 2:45 PM, Salon A/B: Panel, Secrets in Science

Aside from the above, I will be generally about for most of the weekend, especially Friday Night Karaoke!



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