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Makes El Topo look like Lassie Come Home.  Bobby, an American expat kid in Japan, journeys “to the other side of the mountain” with his buddy Akkun and stumbles across a ruined amusement park where missing children are being transformed into grotesque humanoid robots.  Done in an animation style that features hand-pained cutouts and backgrounds and the occasional splash of viscous fluid.  I was the only person in the theater on a lovely Saturday afternoon.  When I stumbled, blinking,  into the sunlight when the movie was over, I was tempted to review my actions to be sure I hadn’t been dosed.  Surreal, grim, insanely inventive, bleakly hilarious in its loving riffs on horror and sf tropes, you should either rush to see this or avoid it like a creepy uncle.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/276157137

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