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I loved this book.  I’m a little older than the audience that would get a hard nostalgia hit from the smart, accurate invocation of being a geeky outsider teen in 1980s American suburbia, but not by much, and unlike other recent books that have riffed on the rich stew of pre-dawn-Internet pop culture  tropes (8-bit games, MacGyver, Vanna White, The Breakfast Club, Hall and Oates, to name a few), Fortress weaves them into a story about friendship, the anguish of adolescence, and the virtues of being a freak that should  accessible to anyone.  The story is told simply, conversationally, from a first-person narrator.  The language is plain but perfectly matched to the unfolding story.  The evocation of time and place is pitch perfect and, by the time we were done, I felt like I knew the characters.  This was a really satisfying read and I burned through it way too quickly.

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