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Here’s the syllabus:

Session Topic
#1 Introduction and Recap
A brief introduction to SFF 2, and a recapitulation of the elements of fiction discussed in SF1
#2 Suspension of DisbeliefIn which we discuss how to persuade your gentle readers to enter the fictive dream.
#3 The Story QuestionIn which we discuss this very important question that defines the heart of your story.
#4 Conflict
A great followup to the story question.  Conflict is the prevention of fulfillment and is the gasoline for your story’s engine.
#5 Narrative, Dialog, Action
In which we delve into using narrative, dialog, and action scenes to advance the story
#6 Exposition and Theory
In which we discuss paradigms for various forms of speculative fiction, and then get sane again with a discussion of exposition and how to introduce it into a story
#7 Story Logic
It’s one damn thing after another.
#8 Advanced Worldbuilding
More worldbuilding …
#9 Details
Sweating the small stuff
#10 Revision
This topic subject to change without notice

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