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I just posted this for my intro SFF writing class at Gotham.    It’s just so good, it needs to be reposted periodically so it stays in the SF writers and readers zeitgeist.  In the unlikely event you haven’t seen it before, you’re in for a treat.  If you have seen it before, but have lost track of it, now you know where to find it.


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Here is a description of the SFF online classes at Gotham.  The “advanced” class is  the follow-up to the introductory “Level 1” class.  The format is a mix of lectures, online discussion, weekly writing exercises, and workshop-style critique sessions of student work.

Syllabus follows.  Dan Bob says check it out.

Session Topic
#1 Introduction and Recap
A brief introduction to SFF 2, and a recapitulation of the elements of fiction discussed in SF1
#2 Suspension of Disbelief

In which we discuss how to persuade your gentle readers to enter the fictive dream.

#3 The Story Question

In which we discuss this very important question that defines the heart of your story.

#4 Conflict
A great followup to the story question.  Conflict is the prevention of fulfillment and is the gasoline for your story’s engine.
#5 Narrative, Dialog, Action
In which we delve into using narrative, dialog, and action scenes to advance the story
#6 Exposition and Theory
In which we discuss paradigms for various forms of speculative fiction, and then get sane again with a discussion of exposition and how to introduce it into a story
#7 Story Logic
It’s one damn thing after another.
#8 Advanced Worldbuilding
More worldbuilding …
#9 Details
Sweating the small stuff
#10 Revision
This topic subject to change without notice


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