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This will be an Amazon e-book.  All proceeds (if any) will go to some cool, deserving charity,  to be determined  (Electronic Frontier Foundation? Union of Concerned Scientists?).  Or maybe we’ll just put it out as a freebie under a Creative Commons license.

Working title

Geek Haiku:  256 Nuggets of Wisdom, Despair, Redemption, and Wit from the Digital Salt Mines

If you have never written a haiku, they’re easy.  First line: 5 syllables, 2nd line: 7 syllables, 3rd line: 5 syllables.  The really good ones usually create a small “aha” moment, or some kind of pivot, often via the last line.

Here is an example.

Emergency patch
Waiting on QA again.
Anchovies this time

I would like to gather up 256 of these (or 128, or 512).  Send submissions to danielmarcus@yahoo.com and put “Geek Haiku” in the subject field to subvert the spambots


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