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Failing Skies

I’d like to write a post about Falling Skies, but then I’d have to watch more of it. Why has it taken me four attempts to get past the first half hour? I’d generally be their target audience. High trash threshold, pop culture slut, science fiction geek. Even the worst disaster movie gives me a warm, comfortable feeling, and I’m all about alien invasions. Dumb gratuitous violence with a lot of explosions puncutated by bad dialogue (rather than the other way around) is right in my confort zone. So what’s the deal with this innocuous V knockoff?

The deal with it is that it sucks. The aliens could be an occupying army of angry Swedes and it would change not a whit. The emotional substrate is laden with aspartame bathos hotwired to children and dogs in peril. Noah Wylie reminds me more of Alan Alda than Chuck Norris. The members of the scrappy band of refugees are uncommonly cheerful given that they have had their lives and families crushed beneath the scaly heels of alien lizards.

I never, ever thought that there would be a pop culture genre product so inept in execution that it would be impossible for me to enjoy, but here it is. Don’t take my word for it! Check it out and convice me why I should squander any more moments of my life that I will never get back on this swill when I could be washing my hair or editing my iTunes playlists.

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