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Let’s get the title out of the way first.  Which is probably what they said.  I have to wonder if this wasn’t a placeholder title the team deferred doing anything about until it was too late.  But … really?  Battle: Los Angeles?  Like naming The Godfather “Old Italian Guy.”

So, I wanted to see this for awhile  I knew it would suck fairly hard, but I have a charactcer flaw that compels me to see all science fiction disaster movies, or any movie in which LA gets reamed.  And it turns out there’s a pretty big Venn intersection between the two.

Typical milporn setup.  There was a fire sale down at Central Casting and this movie got the one more mission before retirement guy, the young married guy with the pregnant wife, the tough, plucky grrl soldier, and the guy who hates the sarge because his brother died on the poor bastard’s last mission.

I don’t have a problem with any of that.  Makes the movie as predictable as a Leave It To Beaver episode and oddly satisfying.  Worshipping at the church of trope.

So the aliens, for some reason, with their big spaceships and all, have to crash into the ocean and invade Earth’s major coastal cities from the water.  Okay, well, there’s some notion that they need water for fuel mumble mumble.  Fine.  It also turns out they left their IT guys back on Altair, because their big vulnerability is a centralized command-and-control infrastructure which of course our fire team has figured out how to exploit.

Having said all that, it was perfectly okay C+  fare.  Loud and dumb, and some nice LA-hellfire eye candy.  Dan Bob says check it out.

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