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Sweet, low-key, nearly plotless — completely worked for me.  Dan Bob says check it out.

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Every now and then you get into something that reminds you of why you still read fantiastic literature.  Sad, wise, subtle, unsubtle, moving, and deeply satisfying.  Highly recommended.

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A story that didn’t make it into the collection, published in Asimov’s in the late 90’s.  The publisher (of the collection), an otherwise astute fellow, actually kind of hated this story, even though it placed in the top 10 stories of the year in the Asimov’s Reader Poll.  Go figure.  I still like it anyway and have written a short screenplay based  on it.  Enjoy.

Killed in the Ratings

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My publisher just got the first batch of ARCs of “A Crack in Everything” back from the printer.  I haven’t seen ’em yet.  but this mean that we’re about 3 months away from launch.  Will post a hard date as soon as I know it.  This time, I think we’ll actually manage to send some out for review before we launch.  W00t!  A-and stay tuned for details of my Bay Area 6060 World Tour.  Anyplace within 60 miles or 60 minutes of the Bay Area is fair game.

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Yes, it’s finally here. March 11-13 at the Holiday Inn Golden Gateway Hotel, 1500 Van Ness in San Francisco. The programming looks really good.  I will be over there this evening, hanging out, saying hi to folks, maybe singing some karaoke if the spirit moves me.

My schedule otherwise:

Saturday, 9:30 AM.  Reading.  Maybe something from the new book, maybe something else.

Saturday, 1:30 PM.  Moderating a panel called “I have written the greatest story ever!”  I’ve decided that this panel is really about human frailty as it manifests in writers, and I have cooked up some fun stuff.  Come on down.

Sunday, 1:30 PM.  Moderating the third of a 3-part series of panels on building fictional cities.  This one is about  future stuff.  Urban planning degrees not required.  Possibly not helpful.

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