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I get to read a lot of technical writing, ranging from barely commented code all the way up to high level executive summaries and everything in between. At the high level,  explaining technical concepts to non-technical people is an art form.  Done well, it’s a thing of beauty;  done poorly, it’s nearly as funny as bad porn.

I’m not going to cite the source on this because otherwise the book doesn’t suck too badly, but …

If IP is the network “plate,” TCP is the network “spoon.” After food is plopped onto your plate, you need something to send it into your mouth without spilling it into your lap.  Sure, you could use a fork, but try eating soup with a fork.  You can probably eat peas form your knife without dropping any, but a spoon is the most reliable implement for most Western foods.

Try eating soup with a fork!  Jesus H. Christ … now what’s the command-line syntax for rebooting that switch again?

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