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Summary of the season (and series) finale:

– Where are you taking me?
– Who are you?
– Who are you?
– It’s okay, dude.
– Where is he?
– Dude, it’s okay.
– Do I know you?
– Dude.


Since the finale, the intertubes have been clogged with bloggers  mumbling bitterly about what a frustrating disappointment it was. 

(Spolier alert).

They’re dead.  The Island is purgatory.  It’s all a big clumsy metapor. 

Well, sure.  It was kind of a deus ex stupida, but I’m not sure where else the writers could go with the show having long ago exhausted reason, common sense, uncommon sense, story possibilities, and the capacity for the viewing audience to give a damn about the tenuous threads of the show’s characters.

As television drama goes, it’s been a reasonably diverting bauble, if so long winded it makes Anna Karenina look like flash fiction. Easy to follow even when it hasn’t been.  Just unfocus the eyes and let a shallow puddle of drool collect on the inside of the mouth. 

As science fiction goes, the best I can say is that it’s lacked finesse.  Look, SF is in the business of literalizing metaphors. Inimical aliens manifest our fears about the worst of our own nature, Frankenstein our hubris, cyberspace our emergent borderless post-industrial world.  Good science fiction does this with subtlety and purpose, creating an image grammar that resonates with the reader. One of the indicators of bad sf is that it does this arbitrarily. If there is no cohesion, no thematic coherence, no image grammar, it’s just … one thing after another.  Stuff.

Lost has been full of Stuff for a long time, and I’m glad we’re done with it. Dude.

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